At CP3 Lawn & Pest Solutions, LLC, our job is to give you what you need for a yard that's healthy, maintained, and always cleared of pests, rats, cockroaches, and more that can make your property a nightmare to live on. Fortunately, you can count on us for a pest control company that doesn't quit. From cockroaches and termites to rodents and more. We go the extra mile to keep your yard pest-free. We offer professional service with a quick turnaround and attention to detail. Take your home in Oklahoma City, OK to the next level, and call today!


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Pest Control

Is your property under siege from rodents, cockroaches, and more? Well, worry no more. With our pest control services, you can take your property back from those pesky rodents, spiders, and bugs. Call today for information on all of our bug control services. 

Termite Removal

Termites are a particularly irritating pest to have on your property. Fortunately, with our termite removal service, you can kick these frustrating creatures off of your property. Our termite control service will help ensure your home is never at the mercy of these pesky insects. Termites can pose a unique threat to your home, including your wood furnishings. Stay protected and call us today. 

Weed Control

No one wants weeds on their lawn, and with weed maintenance from CP3 Lawn & Pest Solutions, LLC, you can keep them at bay to your heart's content. Our turf care services help ensure you never have to worry about weeds or any other pests in your yard. We also offer ant control services to ensure your garden is not besieged by loathsome insects. Contact us for quotes on all of our yard service options. 

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